To beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker. Hackers are on the lookout for security vulnerabilities in your web applications: Shopping carts, forms, login pages and dynamic content are easy targets.

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are different
Some people mistakenly believe vulnerability scanning or antivirus scans are the same as a professional penetration test. Even some companies tout ‘penetration testing services’ when in fact, they only offer vulnerability scanning services. An external vulnerability scan is an automated, affordable, high-level test that identifies known weaknesses in network structures. Some are able to identify more than 50,000 unique external weaknesses. Don’t get me wrong, vulnerability scans have their place. In fact, I highly recommend them as weekly, monthly, or quarterly insight into your network security.

Penetration tests are worth it
If you think that price is unreasonable, think of this. A hacker only has to find one hole to get into your network and steal data. A pentester works hard to find as many holes as possible that could allow you to be compromised.

Why konfeldt
Web Security has been a high priority of the global agenda in the past few years and is now more important than ever, as the attacks become more sophisticated and difficult to detect, have a greater financial impact, and cause widespread credibility damage.

The Threat
Everyone is targeted Cyber threats impact governments and corporations alike. You May Already be Under Attack In contrast to other business threats, cyber attacks can remain undetected indefinitely.

The Human Factor
Most attacks start after manipulating users within the target company, who are poorly trained for cyber security awareness, attackers will also take advantage of weak passwords or predictable usernames. 90% of the attacks start from employees unintentionally.

What may be the impact for you in case of a cyber breach?
Halt Or Obstruction of Operations. A cyber attack could render your infastructure useless for an unpredictable amount of time and that would be just the start of your troubles.

Information Disclosure
Sensitive and classified data could be exposed to the attackers and that could even be the motive of the attack in cases of industrial espionage. “Hacktivists” could also expose your classified information to the public.

Financial Losses
Addressing a preventable attack can be very costly, either directly (expenses for reverting the effects of the attack) or indirectly (delayed sales and income). Constant Monitoring is key to security. Without appropriate monitoring and logging, it is impossible to prevent, detect or address an attack in time.

Why Consider Penetration Testing?
A penetration test, or pen testing, is the process of testing a computer system, network, and or web applications to find vulnerabilities

How Often Should a Penetration Test Be Performed?
Most experts agree that an annual penetration test is sufficient for most practices. However, if you undergo a major technology overhaul, that would require you to have your system retested. Feel free to contact me at any time for further information.


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